05 Dec

Professional Speakers: Get Ready for 2018

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Are you a keynote speaker who has challenges with your marketing?

On Tuesday the 16th of January at 11am, SpeakMark will be hosting a unique keynote speaking webinar, which will give you valuable cutting-edge marketing information to supercharge your speaking business.

Your host will be SpeakMark Sales Director Erick Teresa, who will be asking SpeakMark CEO Terry Burgan, along with Arrow Digital CEO and highly regarded keynote speaker Anup Batra, a range of questions regarding the most effective way to manage your marketing and tweak your approach to get better results and win more business.

The Webinar will cover, Cold calling, digital marketing, social media, copy, positioning, speaker bureaus and agencies, case study and how to build a list of prospects who book speakers.

You will also receive half a dozen chapters from Terry’s new book “Why Don’t You Go And Get Booked”.

We will also be running a Q&A session, so you will have the chance to ask questions which are relevant to you and the challenges that you are facing going into 2018.

This webinar will change the way you market your business, it will improve your booking rate and will give your speaking business the boost that it needs heading into the new year. Terry and Anup will share with you the IP that has taken them years of trial and error to develop.

We look forward to providing you tremendous value and content but only if you are serious about moving your business to the next step.

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