04 Jan

Professional Speakers Are You Ready for 2018

Professional Speakers & Facilitators

On Tuesday the 16th of January at 11am, SpeakMark will be hosting a unique keynote speaking webinar, which will give viewers valuable cutting-edge marketing information to supercharge your speaking business or help you get started.
Driven by two companies that are highly regarded in their fields of expertise; Arrow Digital and SpeakMark, who have joined forces to supply the speaker industry with an undeniable program for acquiring engagements and recognition.

A few of the key areas to be covered in this 30 minute session:
The business of speaking
Working with a bureau
Combination of digital + phone and why
Why should you make a phone call
Pitching your topic

Jump on board.  We look forward to providing you tremendous value and content but only if you are serious about moving your business to the next step.  Webinar Keynote Speaker Marketing

Register for the Webinar Here

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