17 Nov

Potential Clients

Do keynote speakers like making cold calls to potential clients?

The answer is most likely no.

There is a mountain of work to be done managing a regular call out campaign, apart from having a validated database of contacts that actually books speakers, the requisite and accurate data entry, follow up, research and other elements that require constant focus. It is a full time job!

SpeakMark Global have been helping keynote speakers all over the world, boost their presence on corporate speaking platforms in many different countries.

Over the past 8 years we have developed a marketing service specifically for keynote speakers, which takes the load off their shoulders, generating leads and bookings.

We use the phone because social media just can’t quite connect like a person to person conversation. There is so much more that can be achieved and discovered with a phone call; such as, the company’s, events calendar, key personnel, briefs and potential bookings and other vital marketing information!

We can help you!

Call SpeakMark on +61 2 8005 8442 or email admin@speakmark.com.au

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