11 Oct

Digital + Phone = Leads + Bookings

Whatever you do, do something! Doing nothing is the worst possible option! Digital + Phone = Leads + Bookings

When it comes to marketing your keynote speaking business, your priority should be to connect with as many potential clients as possible…right?

If you have an effective marketing system in place which follows up all of your leads, makes phone calls on a regular basis, connects with new businesses and organisations, fills up your ‘sales funnel’ on a regular basis, I congratulate you.

To those who have always thought, “I must do more marketing, I just don’t have the time!”, we have good news for you, the Speaker Accelerator System is designed to do all of the above and more.

Here is a true story of how Digital and Phone became a smash hit in the arena of marketing, which I hope is both entertaining and educational.

Here we go………

The new kid on the block ‘Digital’ was building its impressive stockpile of uses and applications, it had star status, everyone was talking about ‘Digital’!

Alexander Bell’s invention, that old chestnut ‘Telephone’, was thought to be a dinosaur, a relic of days gone by that had served its use. It sat in the corner of the store room, a mere reflection of its former self, depraved, despised, exiled, it was tough for a ‘Telephone’.

That was until they decided to create an experiment to see if digital and phone could coexist, work in unison, compliment each other’s deficiencies.

They wiped off the cobwebs and dust to introduce ‘Telephone’, a close relative to ‘Digital’ to each other, then set them to the task of marketing keynote speakers corporate clients!

Would it work? How could these seemingly incongruent mediums play off each other? How could they possibly communicate, assimilate, inter-operate?

Along with the telephone marketing and the offshore call centres, another old friend ‘Cold Calling’ had also been the victim of modernisation, low touch, high reach did not quite fit into the new order. ‘Cold Calling’ had been cheapened and commoditised, with a firm focus on companies getting the work by the cheapest bidder. The level of integrity and focus dissipated somewhat, perceived as a nuisance and dismissed by many digital hacks as useless beyond the mundane necessities of life.

The naysayers, the sceptics looked on in disdain, expecting the experiment to fail as quickly as it came to be…..they were wrong, very wrong in fact!

I hope you enjoyed the story, it’s short and expurgated but let me point out a few things so that you can get an idea of why this approach works.

Firstly, when SpeakMark and Arrow Digital designed the Speaker Accelerator System, we had no idea that the unison or amalgamation of “Digital + Telephone”, had not been utilised in the mainstream. It turns out that this is not the case! On the contrary, we are now in the process of taking on some decent size companies who are looking to roll this concept out across products and services wide-ranging. That is good news for you as a presenter! A marketing system designed specifically for a keynote speaker, being lauded by big business.

Essentially it is a simple process, SpeakMark employs high-end people to make quality calls, we do not use overseas call centres, our people are local and vocal! Arrow Digital are leaders and experts in digital marketing, they have an incredible track record, their CEO Anup Batra is a keynote speaker, he understands the presenter space.

SpeakMark calls the prospect to pitch the speaker to the company, validate the data, glean information for future marketing. We then pass that lead to the Arrow Digital team to increase the magnitude and reach of a simple phone call to many thousands of hungry potential clients. The results are truly exciting.

We understand how tough it is out their for speakers, we have managed, booked, built, worked with so many amazing keynote speakers over the past decade. We are not offering you a silver bullet here, it does take a few months to ramp up but it works and it will work for you.

Remember this, Whatever you do, do something! Doing nothing is the worst possible option!

Call SpeakMark on 02 8005 8442 or email admin@speakmark.com.au. You could also visit our website http://speakmark.com.au/speaker-accelerator-program/


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