27 Oct

Data Validate or BURN

Having spent much of the past decade on the phone, running a company that uses the telephone to contact people who are part of a targeted marketing campaign, it would have been remiss of me not to have grasped how vitally important the accuracy of every number we call from our respective dataset is.

I was recently given a “hot list” to call for a client, who mentioned that the list was fourteen months old! I agreed to sample the list for the client knowing the likely outcome. The client assured me that the people on the list were perfect for the pitch we were going to be delivering.

We started calling the list, in fact of the two hundred numbers we called, a staggering 85% were no longer in at the same job. This is not surprising given the trend toward multiple careers choices, changing jobs every few years just for the heck of it, whatever it is, this modern paradigm has hit our data hard!

What used to be a simple exercise of calling John Hobbs, Sales Director for NSW at Mercantile Mutual, who by the way had been an employee at Mercantile for twenty-five years, is now a whole lot more interesting and requires constant washing and filtering to ensure accuracy. By the way, Mr Hobb’s son Jason has had three jobs in the past two years!!

So, why is data validation so important to your marketing spend?

The explosion of social media has certainly had an impact on the way we connect with our customer base and potential clients, however, many efforts to convert online traffic into sales has failed, despite thousands of impressions, likes and shares. While it feels really good to be popular or even to be perceived as the “go to” company for xyz, who are you actually speaking to?

Shooting a gun, waiting for the smoke to clear to see if you hit something is not a really smart way of going about off loading your valuable marketing dollar. That is basically what you are doing if your data has not been validated, online or offline, it does not matter, THE DATA NEEDS TO BE VALIDATED OR YOU WILL WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY!!

Our practice is to ensure that the people we are calling are present in the position we perceive them to be, quite simply we call them to make sure!!

While a quick check on LinkedIn may give you some indication as to a person’s current employment status, you would be surprised how many people do not update their job description.

When we talk about data these days, there are a greater number of details which need validation such as; email address, LinkedIn Address, mobile phone number, direct phone, designation, company addresses, web address. Without actually calling through to the person in question who is listed on the dataset, how are we to know where they are or what they are doing?

Marketing to unvalidated data is just a waste of time and the results of any marketing campaign will soon deliver the bad news. One of the major challenges lies in the fabric of the modern day marketing paradigm, that is, if we are reaching thousands of people, someone will buy something. Really?

Social media can and will produce sales, however when you place a data validation service at the forefront of your social media efforts to make sure your target actually exists, the results of retargeting and custom audiences are radically improved.

Data validate or burn……….yes you will burn your marketing spend if you do not validate your dataset. If you have gone down this road or if have a bad taste in your mouth from a marketing experience, it is totally understandable. The good news is that through our services you can now get the best of both worlds, we will do the data validation and then follow it up with an impressive suite of online marketing techniques which will give you the penetration you have been seeking.

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