19 Feb

Australian Speakers in the USA

You may have seen the latest Australian Tourism TV advert being relayed during the Superbowl recently, $6,000,000 worth to get the Aussie message out to billions of watchers!

Knowing how Americans love their NFL with absolute passion, attending parties, in bars and clubs, watching from the comfort of their homes, all over the US

It is an absolute certainty that many of the people who were watching the broadcast could be your future clients! Each set of eyes and ears tuned in to good old Aussie.

That means you! There is a definite opportunity here to take advantage of the advertising that any Australian business can leverage! Particularly considering that Australian speakers are considered amongst the best in the world.

Millions of corporate prospects watch these adverts, people who book keynote speakers regularly, at all sorts of events. That to a marketer is “Work half done, let me at em!”.

As a keynote speaker, it may pay to expand your current horizons and seek out other countries to fulfill your yearly calendar. America is clearly a country where Australians do well, we are much loved and our country revered by many of its residents.

During our phone campaigns to the US, we are able to turn a cold call into a warm by the mere mention that we are Australian. It is effortless to turn a cold call into a pleasant exchange, particularly when we can talk about Sydney Harbour, under the Opera House, on the harbour, 28 degrees, at sunset, with a local wine. After our Aussie chat, just about every time the response from the person we are calling is, “Now, how can I help you”.

I once had the VP of Events of a major financial on the phone, after cold-calling her office in New York. I was put through to her, apparently, because I was Australian, she loved Aussies and had visited Melbourne. The VP’s suggested that I could read the phone book to her, as long as I kept talking.

On our calls, we are received very well, with an open door.

When you put these two factors together, right now is the perfect opportunity to spread your wings and get a slice of the lucrative US speaking circuit.

The possibilities are endless, there are more conferences, events, roadshows, workshop opportunities than you could ever imagine. Naturally, the challenge is not so much that you could not get keynote speaking work in the US, it is contacting the right people and having access to validated data concerning the relevant personnel.
SpeakMark has been calling the US and other parts of the world for many years on behalf of keynote speakers with great success. The work is time-consuming, repetitive, it takes persistence, exact reporting and a diarised follow up is crucial among other bits and pieces.

Why not throw your hat into the ring, marketing to other countries does pay off, sometimes beyond your wildest dreams. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

SpeakMark are the specialists in keynote speaker marketing, we provide phone services and in partnership with Arrow Digital, social media, SEO and other digital services. A complete marketing solution which creates bookings and validated leads. The Speaker Accelerator Program is the first service which is totally dedicated to the marketing needs of keynote speaker. There is quite a process involved in our campaigns, strategies to be developed, getting the positioning right, finding the right companies with challenges that you can assist with and a whole lot more.

Our Website: http://speakmark.com.au/

We can literally shave years off your marketing efforts, give you a better understanding of how to implement your own sales funnel to keep those sales coming in, we will audit your marketing material, your positioning and much more.

If you want to take advantage of the current Aussie adverts being beamed to thousands of potential clients, your clients……call SpeakMark today on 02 8005 8442

You may also like to join our Webinar on 20th of February, featuring US based keynote speaker and small business expert, Matthew Pollard. Follow the prompts on this link:  Registration

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